Magnus Lewan's page

Welcome to my page. It contains plenty of words worth reading. I'm particularly fond of the word "the". Read it with care, whenever you find it. There are also quite a few less interesting words around. If you ever see the word "dialectics" here, just skip it. I probably don't mean anything by it anyhow.

As those of you who read this site every week have noticed, nothing has happened for more than a year. However, today, April 2009, something finally happened. I added a page with links to some of my other web pages.

This link can also be fun to click at. Click, click, click...

The site should work reasonably well with most Unicode enabled browsers on all platforms. For more details, see the technical notes.

Feel free to send me a mail at I rarely read my mail and even more rarely reply, but you never know - it may happen.